About Dockedin


Stop worrying and get clarity on your everyday health questions. Dockedin is a constant care portal for patients and doctors. You can even obtain a second opinion. Consult doctors via Dockedin text, audio, and video, and get evaluated using Dockedin compatible medical devices. See a doctor “now” or make an appointment to be seen later.

For Patients:

  • Free to sign up. No membership or subscription fees

  • Search for doctors around the world by specialty, language, location, and/or name

  • Talk to doctors using Dockedin text, audio, and video

  • Send messages to your selected doctor and get answers in no time

  • No health insurance required

  • Available anytime and anywhere


For Doctors:

  • Free to sign up - no membership or subscription fees

  • Open and curate your online practice to service consumers around the world

  • Talk to consumers using Dockedin text, audio, and video

  • Reply to individual messages on-the-go

  • Available anytime and anywhere


Dockedin is very handy for finding quick answers to your everyday health-related questions and concerns, straight from the doctors.


Patients can obtain primary care and specialist online consults for:

Non-emergent medical conditions: Respiratory infections such as cold, flu and bronchitis, sinus problems, ear infections, pink eyes, allergies, skin rashes, urinary infections, etc.

Short-term prescriptions: If appropriate, some doctors may write a short-term prescription and send it to a pharmacy of your choice.

Travelers: Whether on vacation or traveling for work, or traveling internationally.

Electronic health records (EHR): Dockedin can help store your personal health information online. You can use this to keep your personal health information up-to-date and share with your personal doctor. The information that you store is available to only you and the doctors whom you select.


Note of Caution

If you have serious medical conditions or are have a medical emergency, you should see your primary care doctor or dial the local medical emergency number in your area. Dockedin is not a substitute for an in-person medical consultation.



Dockedin utilizes TokBox’s OpenTok 2.0 platform, which implements security measures at multiple levels that include restricting endpoint access to sessions, providing a role-based security model, and securing the basic voice and video traffic that moves through the OpenTok cloud and between endpoints.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you may be asked to download a plug-in for OpenToc WebRTC.